What Do Single Women Over 60 Want in Dating?

Over 60 dating is a lot different compared to dating when you are younger. If you ask single women over 60 what they want in dating, their answers do vary depending on whom you are asking. However, below are some of the most common things that women over 60 want from their relationships.


While not all women engaged in over 60 dating want a lot of romance, it is important that you should have some in the relationship. Women want to feel like a girlfriend, and they try to find out what their partner will do next. They don’t care about grand gestures as long as there’s romance in the relationship.


Women in nature are vocal creatures. While a single woman over 60 might know a person wants to be with her, the person still needs to say it aloud. Women can be insecure about the smallest things, and that’s why they try their best not to look their age. Women love hearing that they are beautiful. Even small comments can make them feel better, and it will do wonders to the relationship.


Respect is something that every woman looks for in a relationship, not just those involved in over 60 dating. People over 60 already accomplished everything in their life. They have created their own opinions, friends, and careers. While you don’t need to agree with everything they say, it is important to respect their opinions and ideas. If you want to gain respect, you should give it first. This will be a good foundation for a relationship.


Time is a valuable thing, especially for women over 60. Most people spent their last four decades on Earth busy with their careers and family. After a long time, it is their time to take it slow and enjoy other peoples company. You should treat women as if they are your top priority. That means making time to spend with her. Quality time can be sitting at home, and watching TV. Spending quality time is the best way to get to know each other as well.

Sense of Humor

Women over 60 want to be entertained. It is important that you know how to make her laugh. If you take yourself too seriously, you might not have any success in over 60 dating. Even the most serious woman has a funny bone in her body. You just need to know how to make her laugh. Keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between making her laugh and laughing at her.

Keep in mind that women do have different needs. It is the same when they are younger, or they are over 60. And it is important to know what the woman wants from the relationship. It is also important to communicate with each other and be open about things that affect over 60 dating. This will get rid of the guessing game and will be beneficial for both parties, especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship.